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Carpet Cleaning Chandler, Gilbert and Ahwatukee

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning: Chandler, Gilbert and Ahwatukee

Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning has been providing Carpet, Tile, Grout, Furniture, Upholstery and Regular carpet care in the Chandler, Gilbert, and the Ahwatukee areas for more than a decade. Proudly owned and operated locally and not part of a franchise Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning strives to provide the highest quality of service and always bring a cheerful, professional attitude to each project. Please check out our Carpet Cleaning Testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us!

As a locally owned and operated company, we provide carpet cleaning and repair services for all residential and commercial customers and want to show you why the residents and business owners in the Chandler, Gilbert, and the Ahwatukee areas have been coming to us for years.

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  • Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning – Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning provides the best in carpet cleaning services. Our steam cleaners remove any sign of dirt, grime, and dust mites, improving the air quality of your home and providing health benefits for you and your family. A clean carpet is a great start to clean home, and you won’t find better service than Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning.


  • Carpet Stretching

    Carpet Stretching

    Carpet Stretching – Carpet that is loose or wrinkled can be irritating, causing you and your family members to trip or stumble when you walk across it. The carpet also looks unsightly and out of place. At Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning, we offer a carpet stretching service that gets the carpet back to looking smooth and clean. We will restore your carpet to how it was when you first installed it, improving the look of your home and taking that irritation away.


  • Carpet Patching

    Carpet Patching

    Carpet Patching – Carpet can take a beating over time, as well as experience normal wear and tear. As such, there will be areas that wear out faster than others, whether it be from burns, spills, or other mishaps. Rather than be stuck with a small, ruined area, you can call us at Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning. We offer carpet patching services that restore your carpet and repair the small areas of damage without having to replace the entire carpet.


  • Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

    Furniture Cleaning

    Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Carpets are not the only things that need cleaning from time to time. Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning offers upholstery and furniture cleaning for any of your furniture. Upholstery and furniture, like most things in your home, suffer the same wear and tear as everything else, and need to be cleaned on a regular schedule so they are able to last as long as possible.


  • Area Rug Cleaning

    Area Rug Cleaning

    Area Rug Cleaning – While cleaning carpets is important for your home, area rug cleaning is just as important. Dust and dirt can build up on your various rugs and pollute the air in your home, releasing allergens and causing problems for you or any family members who suffer from respiratory issues. Rugs perhaps attract more dirt, as they are usually in entry ways. Don’t wait for issues to arise. Get your rugs cleaned regularly.


  • Tile, Grout, Stone, and Concrete Cleaning

    Tile, Grout, and Stone Cleaning

    Tile, Grout, Stone, and Concrete Cleaning – Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning offers a variety of cleaning services, including tile, grout, stone, and concrete cleaning. These surfaces acquire just as much grime as carpets, and can be dangerous if left alone for too long. Our experienced staff can make sure your surfaces are clean and free of any bacteria. We will restore your tile, stone, and concrete to look like brand new surfaces.


  • Pressure Washing

    Pressure Washing

    Pressure Washing – Many surfaces suffer from aging and normal wear and tear. Sometimes, the only solution for cleaning these surfaces is to power wash. Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning offers one of the premier power washing services available, and we will bring out a shine that you have not seen in years. For any and all of your power washing needs, whether it be concrete patios, decks, or pathways, contact us at Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning.