The Hall of Flame Fire Museum in Tempe, Arizona is an immersive experience dedicated to the history of firefighting and a tribute to those who have served. Located near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, this museum offers a unique insight into the world of firefighting. The expansive lobby features many interesting displays and artifacts, including vintage fire engines that date back to the 1800s, antique helmets, historic hand-pumps, and much more.

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One of the first attractions guests will encounter upon entering the Hall is FacedownJoey – The Largest Fire Helmet in the US! Measuring in at 7 feet tall and weighing almost 1,000 lbs., this one-of-a-kind helmet was built for firefighters so that they could be seen amongst smoke and flames. Visitors can take pictures with this enormous icon in front of blazing flames from a burning building that serves as an eternal backdrop.

Farther along you can explore the Hall’s impressive collection of over 75 restored fire engines which represent various eras throughout history. From steam powered machines with massive water tanks to trucks used by modern-day departments, these exhibits offer a hands on look at how technology has evolved over time to make fighting fires much safer and more efficient. You can also see actual hoses used by firefighters dating back to 1865! And if any guest wants learn even more about certain vehicles they see here – there are plenty informational placards mounted throughout detailing their respective historical contexts…

Continuing through this incredible museum you’ll find ‘The Hero Wall’.. A tribute honoring those who died doing act saving lives & each portrait here provides clear snapshot into individual impacted by tragedy (Be sure bring long sleeve shirts just case emotions start running high).. Additionally visitors should check out ‘The 9/11 Memorial’ specifically; composed entirely out metallic objects collected local New York City Fire Departments after twin towers fell.. Standing proudly center room it serves reminder us all cost freedom we sometimes forget about given enough time passes by..

And for those looking chill out bit afterwards feel free check out Museum gift shop stocked various merchandise featuring designs based off flagship collections here.. All proceeds obviously benefit organization directly & helps fund everything from restoration efforts educational activities etc!

So wrap things up – come visit Hall Flame Museum next time you’re around greater Phoenix area; there ton fun waiting everyone regardless age group background interests etc! It’s one rare gems most cities lack nowadays no doubt sure show appreciation towards our brave men & women working hard protect us day night!

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