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Ways To Clean A Large Area Rug Efficiently

Area Rug Cleaning Tips From The Experts

Area rugs fixed from one end to another add color, warmth and at times, slumber to your home. Large area rugs are a great idea for an office space as well but sticky, greasy, dusty rug won’t do any favors to anyone in the house or in the office.  So, every now and then will come time for some area rug cleaning.

Rug Cleaning According to Traffic Patterns

An area rug in the living room is almost certainly going to become a little more dirty and worn down than one in a less travelled part of the house.

Knowing Your Rug Stains

Shoe stains, food stains, water stains and everything else that can ruin your rug will be present in the living room. The job of a large area rug is to protect your floors from spoiling but who is going to protect your beautiful area rug.

Well, a lot of strength and energy is required to do so. However, if the stains are not that cruel, you can always work upon them by yourself.

Rugs are famous for trapping dirt, insects, and dust and taking care of it is a regular job and not a day’s work. So, work weekly to keep it clean. Depending upon the nature of your rug whether is wool, cotton, jute or synthetic fiber; rugs have different needs for different materials.

So, here are some simple steps for large area rug cleaning and to keep it safe from ruining entirely.  

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are warm, durable, and beautiful when it comes to the colour blend. But, unfortunately wool rugs are tend to hold more dirt due to the way they are woven and made.  What do you need to keep it clean?

  • A two-speed vacuum with an upholstery attachment
  • A bucket of cold water
  • Gentle laundry detergent
  • Microfiber cloths
  • White or lightly colored towels

Vacuum the rug everyday in order to save your energy in the end of the month when to decide to clean it at once. Once in a year, you also require to rinse the area rug in order to remove all sorts of dirt and dust from it to save yourself from disease induced by dust.



Cotton rugs are most preferred al around the world due to its lightweight. Similar to wool rugs, cotton rugs also tend to attract dirt naturally thereby holding the particles for long. When it comes to small rugs, it can be washed in the washer or any laundry but large area rugs require efforts and strength that you cannot do by yourself.

Since, the cotton rug is light in weight than wool rugs, you roll it up and take it to a local area rug cleaning expert who are trained and have equipment to clean your large rug efficiently.


These rugs have grown in popularity because they’re lightweight and add an earthy touch to a room. However, jute tends to attract more moisture than any of the above rugs. Therefore, it requires a special dry cleaner kit to clean jute rug. For jute rugs, you require:

  • A special dry-cleaning kit for jute rugs
  • A two-speed vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment

So, now that you know which material require much attention and which type of cleaning, we’ll discuss some common ways to clean the rugs efficiently

Prepare the rug for cleaning

First and foremost, dry clean your rug by using a vacuum cleaner with different upholstery attachment so that dried up dust comes out from the rug.

Test for Colorfastness

A colorful could lose some color when it is cleaned with water and detergent. Test it by following the mixing instructions on a store-bought rug cleaner/ shampoo or add a couple of capfuls of mild detergent in warm water. Now, test your solution on a small corner of the rug to make sure that it doesn’t make the colors run. If it doesn’t, proceed to the next step. Do not use hot water.

Remove the rug and take it outside

Now, roll up the rug and take it outside before taking a further step.


Don’t forget to wear your gloves on before taking to washing the rug. Use sponge or brush, rinse it in a mixture of detergent and water and start cleaning the rug by rubbing it forcefully. You’ll be surprised by watching the amount of dust it will release.


Now, rinse the entire rug with a garden hose so that it entirely removes the detergent from the rug. Rinse it unless the water is clear of soap suds before you finish.

Remove excess water

Squeeze as much water out of the rug as you can with your squeegee, being careful to work only in the direction of the rug’s nap.

Let it dry

Let the rug dry completely before you take inside the house. Flip it over so that it can dry completely.

Well, if you are too lazy to increase the amount of work for yourself of area rug cleaning, there are many rug cleaning services available in your respective cities that offer entire rug cleaning offers.

Hire a rug cleaning expert

The rug cleaning professionals are expert in rug cleaning. You can choose a trustworthy cleaning service from the market that can satisfactorily clean your area rug. Professionals ensure that your rugs are carefully handled and cleaned without damaging it.

They provide the safest, most effective rug cleaning for each individual rug. With a wide variety of equipment and trained professionals, you even get in-home analysis for your rugs. You can decide, try and choose the best rug cleaning service for you.

The gentle and deep rug cleaning process removes dirt and allergens from the rug while keeping the colors and beauty of your rug intact.

Rather, you will get back your rug fresh and vibrant making your living room new again. It is important to stay healthy when rugs are fixed from door to door in your house.


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Ways To Clean A Large Area Rug Efficiently

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