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Carpet Stretching Gilbert

Carpet Stretching GilbertIs It Time To Get Your Carpet Stretched?

Carpets get loose with age. Over time, you may see rippling in your carpet, which is a sign that the carpet is coming up from its attachment to the subfloor and is getting loose. When that happens, the carpet needs to be stretched to where it is taut and flat. Magic Touch Carpet Repair And Cleaning has over a decade of experience specializing in carpet stretching and other repair services. Call us for your quality carpet stretching in Gilbert.

Having loose, rippled carpet can be a tripping hazard, not to mention making it harder to clean successfully. It also makes it easier for things to get caught on the carpet and create a tear. Creating a tear generally winds up being a more expensive carpet service. For these reasons, we suggest scheduling an appointment as soon as you notice your carpet is getting loose. Give us a call today for carpet stretching, carpet cleaning, and much more!

Quality carpet restreching at an affordable price!

Our skilled carpet repair technicians have the experienced know-how to apply just the right amount of stretch. Both stretching too little and too much can damage the carpet, so it is important to have this service done by professionals with the expertise and equipment to get it right. With more than 10 years of experience, Magic Touch Carpet has the experience to give you a professional job quickly and effectively. And we’ll do so at a fair price!

Carpet Stretching and Repair GilbertAlong with carpet stretching, we can clean up after pet damage.

Our local carpet services are comprehensive.

As a locally-owned family business, we don’t send out our work to unknown contractors. All our work is done by in-house technicians whom we have handpicked specifically for their experience and devotion to getting the details right. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has been a major factor in our success over the years. Call us today and see the difference a Magic Touch can make!

Call or contact us today for an estimate on your carpet stretching in Gilbert. 

You’ll feel confident that your carpet repair is in good hands!