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How To Choose The Best Carpet

Carpet Fibers

When picking out the carpet for a home or business it is important to consider the material from which it is made. The fabric that the carpet is made from will have a lot of influence on the look, feel and behavior of the carpet. Some people want the best looking carpet and others want ones that will make for easy carpet cleaning. Generally speaking, there are two fiber choices: natural or synthetic.

Wool is the most common type of natural fiber carpet. It is a very popular choice because of its durability, ease of cleaning, and color options. The natural wool fibers hold dyes really well so the color and patterns in the carpet are vibrant. The drawback of wool carpets is they tend to create little fuzz balls and it can cause allergies in some people. Natural wool carpets are a great choice but for certain people, it might be a better idea to go for synthetic options.

There are about 4 basic categories when it comes to synthetic fibers. Acrylic is a synthetic alternative to wool carpeting. It will have a similar look and feel but it won’t cause any allergic reactions that natural fibers might. Acrylic carpets are a little bit more difficult to clean compared to their wool counterparts.

Nylon is a very popular carpet choice because of its strong resistance to stains. Nylon carpets also don’t conduct static electricity. Because nylon carpeting is made of a chemical composition it does not produce fuzz balls and is very durable against wear and tear. This type of carpet can also be dyed with various different color patterns during the manufacturing process.

Olefin is a less popular carpet option but it is great for area rugs, welcome mats or even outdoors. It is used in these areas because of its excellent ability to wick away moisture. It is an ideal carpet choice for basements. And this type of carpet can withstand being in direct sunlight without having to worry about the color fading from the fibers.

Polyester is another very popular carpet choice among home and business owners. It is a durable carpet option and can withstand the sunlight. Even though this type of carpet is slightly more difficult to clean compared to nylon it is still a great carpet choice. It does have a tendency to flatten over time and not maintain its fluffy, soft feel.

Carpet Padding

Padding is an extremely important factor when it comes to picking out carpets. This is the protecting layer between the carpet and the floor and directly correlates with the longevity of the carpet. There are different types of padding and a variety of thicknesses; it is important to find which padding will work best for the carpet.

Felt padding is made from fibers from either animal hair or plants. It is a more expensive option but works great for woven carpets. Foam is the most common padding option and is available in a range of densities. If the padding just flattens when it’s squeezed it probably won’t be a good padding option under the carpet. Rebond is made from recycled foam that is all mushed together. Similar to foam it is available in different thicknesses.

Carpet Shopping

There are many things to consider when choosing a carpet. A consultation with a carpet expert will help determine the best choice of carpet. They will ask a lot of questions in order to narrow down the best-suited carpets for each specific application. Which room will the carpet be placed in and how is that room used? This is important to know because if the room is a high traffic area it would not bode well to put a light-colored carpet in there.

The amount of light that a room receives is another important factor to think about. The more light a room has, the more color options are available for the carpet. If a room is very dark the carpet should be a lighter color to help combat the darkness.

Is the room large or small? People that are skilled with interior design and carpeting can make a small room appear larger with different color combinations and large rooms can be made to feel more cozy with other carpeting.

When shopping around for different carpet options, it is a good idea to bring color samples from the home to compare with the carpet. Always consider how the carpet will look with the drapes, the furniture, and the wall color. All of these aspects in the home can affect how the carpet will look once it is installed. And don’t forget that the lighting will be different inside the home than it will at the store. Sometimes there are samples of the carpet available that can be taken home to see how it would look. Obviously, different types of carpeting are going to be priced differently. In order to get the best idea of the cost, calculate the size of the area that will be carpeted.

Keeping Carpet Clean

After getting a brand new carpet installed there’s the desire to keep it in pristine condition and looking brand new all the time. There are a few ways to help keep a new carpet clean. The most obvious and most helpful tip is to enforce a no-shoes rule. Dirty shoes are like kryptonite to the carpet. Even if the shoes don’t look very dirty they still have dirt, mud and lots of other materials that they track in and get embedded into the carpet fibers. The rough soles of the shoes will also damage and wear out the carpet a lot faster, quickly making a new carpet look like a worn-out welcome mat.

The use of area rugs is a big help in protecting carpeting as well. It takes some of the foot traffic abuse that would normally fall onto the carpet. Plus, it is much easier to pick up and clean an area rug than the entire carpet. But, eventually, the carpet will be in need of a cleaning. And that’s when it’s time to call Magic Touch Carpet Repair And Cleaning! The experts who know all about carpets, rugs, and upholstery. With the skills, equipment, and experience to clean even the most delicate carpet, there’s only one company for the job. Call Magic Touch Carpet Repair And Cleaning near Tempe today!

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How To Choose The Best Carpet

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