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Tips For Cleaning The Interior Of Cars

Dirty Cars

Keeping a home clean is hard enough already but trying to keep up on the interior of a vehicle is something that a lot of car owners forget about. Taking a car through the car wash is a simple task and something that can be done quickly, but getting the fabric and carpets cleaned is a different story. Most people use their cars on a daily basis which makes for a lot of foot traffic on the carpets. And with kids the mess is even more so. Snack crumbs, fast food fries, sticky candy and mysterious stains all accumulate over the months and years of having a vehicle. Keeping up with the appearance of the car both inside and out will not only help retain the value of the car but it will also make it more enjoyable to drive. Having a vehicle professionally serviced by a carpet cleaning company provides a thoroughly clean interior without all the hassle of gathering a bunch of cleaning products and trying to decide which product to use on which stain. The inside of a vehicle should be professionally cleaned every 6 months or so. In between those cleaning services there a few tips to maintaining a clean car interior.

Car Stains

Accidents happen and spills happen, which is how stains happen. But there are several tips to quickly cleaning up stains so they don’t set in. Everyone needs their morning coffee before work. But spilling it on the seat or carpet is the not the best way to start your day. Use cold water to dilute the coffee as soon as possible. If the stain sets in try using glass cleaner and blot the area. Ink pen stains can easily be removed with hairspray! So, if someone got a little creative with their doodling in the backseat, don’t freak out, some stains are much easier to remove than others. Depending on the material used inside the vehicle; nylon, polyester, vinyl, leather or faux leather, it can be much more challenging to remove certain messes. But having these stains properly removed will really help with the resale value of the vehicle. When people go to buy a car and the interior was not properly taken care generally they assume that the mechanical upkeep wasn’t taken care of either. A vehicle will sell for much more if the interior is well cared for.

Smelling Fresh

Everyone loves that new car smell, but it fades after a few months and all that’s left is the stale scent of coffee, food, pets and whatever else is typically in the car, all mixed together. Keeping the interior of a vehicle smelling fresh all year long isn’t difficult. Having cleaned upholstery is the most important step in having a good smelling car. If the fabric in the car has a bunch of random spills and stains that are emitting their own odor it’s going to cause the interior of the car to smell like all of those things. When the upholstery is professionally cleaned all those spills and smells that are deep down into the fibers are removed and everything is thoroughly washed with a shampoo leaving a fresh, clean scent behind. In between washes there are small tricks that can be done to keep that fresh scent last longer.

Essential oils do so much, including making the interior of any car smell amazing. There are multiple applications for this. A clothes pin clipped to the air vent with a few drops of essential oil will do wonders. If out of sight, out of mind is better then consider using a terra cotta disk to put the oil on and place it under one of the seats. Dryer sheets can also be used to produce that clean linen scent. Place an open box under one of the seats and voila! Of course all of these tips and tricks are only to help in between professional cleanings. Without the thorough upholstery and carpet cleaning these tricks will only mask the smells and not eliminate them.

Interior Detailing

Keeping up with the interior of a vehicle is the best way to keep it consistently clean. De-clutter as often as possible to prevent trash build up which will help prevent stains from any food grease or drink spills. Clean the cup holders, these spaces can collect lots of dirt and grime and are often over looked during cleaning. Using a q-tip can really help to get in the small crevices. For all the pet owners out there, removing pet hair can be an extremely daunting task. But there are a few tricks to easily remove fur from upholstery. Using a showing squeegee and a spray bottle filled with water will easily remove all the pet hair from the car seats. For vinyl and leather seats a Magic Eraser will remove all those sticky messes. Detailing the interior of a vehicle doesn’t need to be done often but should probably be done around the same time as the 6 month professional upholstery and carpet cleaning. Because there is nothing better than having a freshly cleaned car to drive around in.

Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning

Scottsdale is a dry, desert city so sand and dirt are an inevitable nuisance. But the technicians at Magic Touch Carpet Repair And Cleaning know how to remove all the stains and accumulated dirt and debris from the upholstery and carpets of vehicles. Keeping a vehicle fresh and clean isn’t difficult with the products and techniques used by the employees at Magic Touch Carpet Repair And Cleaning. They have the proper training an experience to restore and refresh carpets and upholstery without damaging the material. A vehicle is an investment and so is a home, maintaining the quality of both of those is important for their value. Need the interior of a car, truck or van cleaned? Call Magic Touch Carpet Repair And Cleaning for the most thorough, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in Scottsdale! No carpet, rug or tile is too dirty to be cleaned! With a touch of magic it can look brand new again! Call today!

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Tips For Cleaning The Interior Of Cars

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