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Scary Facts About Dirty Carpet

Need Spring Cleaning Inspiration? Here are Some Carpet Facts that Will Keep You Motivated.

Every year around March and April, we are magically inclined to make our houses look nicer. It could be as simple as finding a new configuration for various junk piles or as arduous as washing walls, scrubbing baseboards, and (finally!) cleaning behind the fridge.

But when it comes to carpet, we’re left with fairly limited options. Vacuuming is all most homeowners can do to make carpeted floors look and feel cleaner since, for most Tempe residents, hiring a local carpet cleaning company seems excessive. But before you rule that option out altogether, let’s evaluate why some people swear by carpet cleaning like most people swear by automatic dishwashers.

The Lowdown on Carpet

  1. Carpets are bacteria, pollen, and dust reservoirs. So what, right? Well, though it might seem like no big deal to have some dirt on the floor (you know, where it belongs), it is a big deal when kids play on the carpet, vacuums kick up dust from the carpet, or when anyone sits on the carpet. Not to mention all the debris that attaches itself to socks and shoes and migrates to various locations around the house. And remember, one square foot of carpet can hold up to one pound of dirt, so having it professionally cleaned once in a while will consequently keep all areas of your home cleaner.
  2. Allergies abound – For anyone susceptible to sniffing, sneezing, eye issues, or even asthma (that’s 50 million Americans, by the way), dirty carpet can be more than gross, it can be a major health issue. Again, allergens don’t just sit and wait for you to rub your face in the carpet. They’re kicked up when walked on, vacuumed, when doors open and close, or when the carpet is disturbed in any way. The only way to minimize allergens in the home is to keep it clean and try to remember to take your shoes off at the door.
  3. Yearly or twice-yearly carpet cleanings – Carpet cleaning is widely available and good companies like Magic Touch make scheduling and pricing very practical for most homeowners. Many companies are highly aware of the ‘spring cleaning scramble’ as well, so look out for coupons and specials around that time of year. Aside from getting rid of dust and allergens, carpet cleaning minimizes mold buildup, removes stains that DIY methods can’t, and leaves your home feeling and smelling much more pleasant. If you have wall-to-wall carpet, schedule cleanings every year at least.
  4. Only some types of carpets are recyclable – For some people, bare floors and a few choice area rugs are much easier to manage. And most reputable carpet cleaning companies are skilled at cleaning both types. If you choose to replace your carpet with bare flooring, be sure to check if it’s recyclable before pitching it. Nylon and some other synthetic fibers are reusable, but not recyclable, and also not terribly earth-friendly to manufacture.
  5. Carpet fun fact! –  The term “carpet” actually means “to pluck” in Latin. Early carpets were made by unraveling, or “plucking” fibers.
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Scary Facts About Dirty Carpet

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