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10 Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Carpet Cleaning Tricks from the Pros

Cleaning carpets is hard. Often you have to follow very specific procedures in order to avoid further issues, or just to avoid the warranty of the carpet installed in your house. Even then, some professional help is always great for your house.

We believe in bringing everyone the best carpet cleaning in Gilbert we can. So, while having the pros themselves is always going to be the best solution, getting the necessary advice from them could very well be the first step in order to make your life easier.

So let’s look at some of the best tricks you can use to get your carpets clean.

Blot Away

When dealing with stains on your carpet, you’ll often find yourself on the floor trying to rub them clean, as you would if they had appeared anywhere else.

First mistake – never rub any stains on your carpet. By doing that you are causing the particles to get forced deeper into the carpet, and making permanent damage to your carpet that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

What you should do is grab some cleaning solution and something to spread it with, like a sponge or a cloth, then carefully blot the stain again. Do this process repeatedly, always focusing on going outside the stain towards the middle so as to avoid spreading it around.

This method works great with smaller stains, yet with some of the bigger stains you might want to find a more “heavy duty” solution than spending your afternoon at home trying to blot that huge spaghetti sauce stain. If you think you’re out of your league, give us a shout and we’ll help you out.

Foam Based Cleaning

You’re somewhat limited in what you can do and achieve with this method, yet nevertheless a helpful trick in certain cases. Apply foam (carpet specific foams are the best ones, but ordinary shaving cream will do the trick in a pinch) over the stain, then let it rest for some time, usually around 30 minutes. After it has set, blot it away. The last step is to spray a bit of vinegar mixed with water, then wipe the solution away.

Dry Powder Cleaning

This is usually more useful in maintaining the appearance of the carpet. If it has already deteriorated you will need to find a more in depth solution. There are various dry powders you can use for cleaning, ranging from organic material to inorganic compounds, most of them with their specific details and ways to use them. Some of the more common brands used for this are Host and Capture.

More Carpet Solutions from Magic Touch

Most of the ways described so far require going out of your way to buy some specialty products you need for your carpet, but there are some ways to quickly clean your carpet that can be made with products found on an average store on the block.

Club Soda

Effective against wine and beer stains, you can quickly clean with this process, but you need to use it correctly for it to work. First blot the stained area with soda on some kind of cloth, In case that doesn’t work and you need more, make a one part vinegar and one part water solution, pour it into a sprayer, then spray the solution on the stained area.

Let it sit for a while. 10 – 15 minutes should be enough for it to soak in. Afterward, take a clean sponge in order to soak the solution. You might have to repeat the process to make sure the carpet is stain-free. After that, rinse the spot with warm water, and lay paper towels on top of the area with something on top of them so that they can absorb the dampness.

Ice Cubes

Only really effective for pieces of gum stuck on the carpet, just freeze the gum by rubbing ice cubes on it for about 30 seconds. Once frozen, lift it up with a spoon, then cut away any small pieces of carpet still stuck. Ideally, your carpet should have no marks left from the gum.

Dishwasher Detergent

Really useful for grease stains, just mix some drops of a dishwashing detergent (any brand works) in a cup of water. Put that in a spray bottle, and spray it on the grease stain; then just blot it up.

Heating Wax

Burnt candles might drip wax onto the carpet, which will then dry quickly and get stuck right where it fell. The easiest way to get rid of it is heating it back up and removing it. Grab a white cloth, place it over an iron and then heat up the wax. Afterward just use a small knife to scrape up the wax.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Perhaps one of the worst stains you’ll ever tackle, blood is one of the most noticeable stains you can have on your carpet. First loosen up the blood a bit by using water mixed with some detergent, and scrape off as much as you can then. For whatever is left, just apply hydrogen peroxide directly. The solution will foam when in contact with blood. Afterward just wipe the peroxide away with towels and dry the carpet.

Stuck Candy

If a piece of candy falls into the carpet, gets neglected, and ends up sticking, just use a butter knife or a spotter brush to deal with it and get it off as soon as possible. Afterward, a sponge, water, and soap are all you’ll need to clean up the floor.

Not enough? Get Help Directly From Gilbert, Arizona’s Carpet Cleaning Pros!

After going through all that, you might find your carpet is still somewhat dirty. Perhaps a few stains here or there, or maybe it just doesn’t have the same color as before. In that case, a good steam cleaning is what you’ll need in order to get it clean.

In these cases, it tends to be much harder to get than what you’ll usually be willing to work with on an average day, given that you’ll need a machine that can inject a cleaning solution under high pressure by using water-jet nozzles, and then extracting the solution. As a general rule of thumb, a family of four should deep-clean every six months.

When carpet cleaning in Gilbert gets out of hand, it may be time to call in professionals who understand the importance of doing quality work at prices you can afford. That is why for all of our customers in Gilbert, or any of the surrounding East Valley cities, we’ll provide a free evaluation and estimate. Call us today to learn more about what Magic Touch Carpet Repair And Cleaning can do for you.

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10 Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Pros

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