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Advanced Grout Cleaning Services for Scottsdale Homes and Businesses

Tile surfaces require regular upkeep in order to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed. However, despite many homeowner’s best efforts, dirt and oils become embedded in the grout, making it look discolored and neglected. Even hired house cleaners don’t typically have the supplies or expertise required to correctly clean grout between tiles.

Because cement-based grout is porous, it’s easy for debris to build up beneath the surface. But this also makes it possible to clean… with the right techniques and equipment, that is.

Though it’s in the name, Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning offers more than just carpet cleaning service. We are expert tile and grout cleaners who know which products and techniques to apply to which surfaces.

Grout and tile can be damaged and made to look dull if cleaned with products that are too harsh. Conversely, some products simply leave behind a residue that might look great when initially applied, but can actually attract more dirt and look oily over time.

Our methods involve deodorizers enzymes, detergents that work together with our hot water extraction machine to remove film from your tile and grout. Until the tile is cleaned using our methods, you may not even be aware of how dirty it was!

Some common tile floor materials include:

Keep Your Tile and Grout Looking Great for the Lifetime of Your Home

Our team offers cleaning services for grout in bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, outdoor spaces, or any area of your home or office that includes tilework. We’re happy to offer a service that slows the impact of age, use, or repeated exposure to dirt and moisture.

Water, in fact, can be just as damaging to grout as dirt. Over time, it causes mildew and mold to grow, and if not treated with a deep clean regularly, it can become extremely difficult to remove and may even require repair.

Some homeowners believe that commercially-available disinfectants and polishes are powerful enough to keep their stone and tile surfaces, clean, but the truth is that they can’t reach the compacted dirt.

Magic Touch helps Scottsdale homeowners and landlords keep properties looking beautiful by offering deep cleaning for grout and tile that looks beyond the surface. Our team can handle any size cleaning project including commercial and multi-unit complexes.

Grout Cleaning Scottsdale AZ

How Do We Get Stained or Discolored Grout Clean?

Thorough cleaning of grout is a multi-step process requiring high-powered equipment. We safely remove loose debris by first vacuuming the surface. Then, combined with the right cleaning solution, we loosen dirt, stains, and oil beneath the surface with our commercial hot water extraction tool.

Once the dirt is brought to the surface, we remove the residue, rinse, and dry it completely.

Talk to us about how we can care for your grout and tile. We offer comprehensive services to keep Scottsdale homes and businesses looking their best. Call for scheduling and no-obligation estimates.

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